Our Team

Meet the Founders

Why choose Us.

From electrical engineering and mechanical design to front and backend software development, we have the full stack of skills needed to bring our product to market.

Our Connections.

Additionally, we’ve developed strong ties with the Philly health sector, from PBMs to insurance to doctors who are willing to serve as beta testers for our product.


Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is a junior in the Management and Technology program at Penn studying entrepreneurial management and electrical systems engineering. As business/vision lead, he brings a significant amount of entrepreneurial and managerial experience to the table, having built several startups from ideation to acquisition over the past several years. It is his role to deliver pitches, gain funding, and coordinate the optimal business plan and product vision and communicate these details to the engineering team. As an experienced project manager with internship experience from both health-tech startups like Sapfonte to large firms like Microsoft, he acts as the main bridge between pure business plan/financials and product development. Additionally, with significant experience in 3D modeling/electrical engineering as well as market research and customer discovery, he is at the perfect vantage point to deeply understand both customer needs and how they relate to the technical details of the product. On the engineering side of things, Chris handles the physical enclosure of the device, and works closely with Bryan to develop the PCB/electrical engineering components.

Lead Mech/Electrical Engineer

Bryan Romanow

Bryan is a first year master's student in the electrical systems engineering department at Penn’s school of engineering. Given his strong knowledge and experience in prototyping across different materials in classwork(aluminium, steel, plastic, etc), he has been the primary lead on the physical design and modeling of PillBot. With his knowledge of circuitry, Bryan has additionally focused on enabling the WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity of PillBot that allows it to communicate with smartphones as well as to actually actuate the dispensing mechanism. Using his experience from designing industry standard electrical parts as a part of Penn’s Electric Racecar team, Bryan works to integrate these electrical and mechanical systems onto a compact PCB with a focus on minimizing size, cost, and power consumption while maintaining a high level of robustness in the design.

Lead Data Analyst/Computer Engineer

Srisa Changolkar

Srisa is a junior in the M&T program studying computer science, finance, and statistics, and submatriculating for a masters in mathematics. He has led work on the software development and analytics side of PillBot, including the website, app, as well as the adherence tracking platform. Furthermore, he has past internship experience in the healthcare industry, giving him knowledge of the interplay between the parties involved in the industry.